Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Peace at last. The little mongrels are back at school

Hi Crew
Its been a couple of months since the last post. Ians daughters and Michaels son are all safely back at school after the summer holidays and it is now time to dust off the tools, see if the fingers can still manage a couple of chords and generally get stuck back into the routine- If we can remember what it is.
The Blue Mountains Blues and Roots Festival is only five weeks away and we plan on having another stand there this year. We will have five complete Kay Speed Demons. As many as four new Mongrel Strats and at least three Mongrel Telecasters. Two Kay Basses and an assortment of other projects nearing completion. We have a Regal Tricone which is about to get the full Mongrel treatment and we are hoping it will be ready in time.
It has been a fascinating couple of months musically. A few weeks ago Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges an amazing Blues and Gospel guitarist from Texas came by for an afternoon, grabbed one of our Kay Swingmasters and completely blew us away with his mastery.

A humble and completely genuine bloke who shared his vast knowlege with us very generously for a few hours and then left for Barbados while we sat a bit stunned at what we had experienced. If you ever have the chance, he tours the world extensively and you just have to catch him.
A couple of weeks later Ians old mate Snowy White, ex Thin Lizzy and long time Roger Waters guitarist came to town with the Roger Waters circus and Ian was able to spend some time reliving the good old days. He got to see the gig at the Sydney Superdome and spend some time backstage while I bravely volunteered to babysit. He owes me big time -OK Ian!

Ian had a long chat with another old mate- UK based guitarist Gwyn Ashton who is currently touring OZ. Gwyn is an avid guitar collector and is keen to fit in a visit to the Mongrels kennel between shows.
I would like to mention a couple of friends who have given us a great deal of support and encouragement. Both of them have profiles on MySpace so please check them out.
First Liz Kilgo a country songwriter/singer who lives in Virginia USA and who works out of Nashville has become a dear friend and supporter of The Mongrels and she has gone out of her way to promote us. Also Gary Peterson from Ontario just keeps us rolling around the floor laughing. He is an actor and connoisseur of a staggering array of plonk.
Our blogs should be a little more frequent now and I promise to finish my History of Kay Guitars as soon as I remember where I put my notes.


Anonymous Om Chica said...

Oh, you mongrels are such beautiful people! Keep up the good work! Love to you both!


2:46 pm  
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