Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not so easy

Another day for the mongrels. Setting up a website is much harder than it looks- at least for a person who has trouple with anything much more complicated than a piece of wood. Have been trying to change the template for our blog for two days now and I just keep going around in circles- what is an FTP server anyway?
Harry Mum and Me at their house in Tassy
Ian and I had spent most of the winter concentrating on building up the business, stocking up, doing repairs and completing some old Kay restorations etc. As a result we had let The Mongrels slip a bit- although we are always jamming- usually when we should be working!!

Anyway during the September school holidays I took my 11 year old son Harry to Tasmania for a couple of weeks- to visit my parents and see how the old place had changed in 21 years- It had and for the better too!!!!
It was great to see that even the smallest pubs supported live music and every band I saw seemed to be playing to a full house- get your act together Sydney.
I returned full of inspiration and we have decided to fire up the The Mongrels again so for the last couple of weeks we have been putting together some new arrangements and refining some of our old stuff.
Ian is a great arranger whereas until I met him I was pretty much a three chord wonder with a few ragtime licks up my sleeve. I do get a lot of satisfaction out of playing pieces we have spent time really working into something we can call our own.

We spent much time yesterday taking the last of the photos of our guitars- both the sale instruments as well as documenting our own. It has been a huge job- we do have rather a lot come to think of it but you can never have too many guitars can you?


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